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In the Teapot

'The Dormouse is asleep again,' said the Hatter ...

22 October
Clive the cat here. Erin hates writing these things, and has procrastinated rewriting it so that it's actually updated. I've taken over because I have nothing better to do now that Buster and Einstein are still in Dallas and I'm stuck in Houston.

Erin is bad-tempered, a procrastinator, a perfectionist, and completely Type A Academic Compulsive. She's finishing an undergrad degree in History after a few years away from school, and it makes her WAY cranky. She's also completely obsessed with Harry Potter and hockey. For her day job, she's a consultant in organizational change management at a government-type place. Woo hoo! Governmenty jobs give you extra holidays.

Erin can be sweet, but sometimes it's just to her family, friends, and their children. If she knits for you then you're her favorite for the moment. She's also good at feeding me regularly, so that's a plus mark for her.

Oh, she usually posts only fluff in the open access here, so if you want more just leave a comment to be friended. If you're a music-obsessive, watch her playlist. If you see a lot of Snoop or Marilyn Manson, she's probably trying to concentrate on a project.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there is soft food to eat and jingle balls to chase.

-- Clive

Thanks to madelah and potterpuffs for the PotterPuffs mood theme and crystal_lily for the Dead Like Me icons, X-Files, and Harry Potter icons.

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